Smart City Ecosystem

Project Structure

To precisely address the needs of cities on their journey of the transformation into a smart city, our project is subdivided into two sub-projects. With SCitE you not only get a solution to operate your smart city ecosystem but also the handling of data within your city. Furthermore, we take the security and privacy of your systems and data very seriously, so that you can focus on the development of your smart city.


Easily connect the available data sources and systems within a city to enable data exchange between all participating actors. Through the usage of SCitE.Data Connectors these data exchanges are secured and the respective data-usage policies ensures that these policies are satisfied before access is granted.


Fault tolerance, scalability and availability. All these aspects are strongly influenced by how the software system is deployed. Furthermore, they are an essential part of the software development process and affect the performance. The goal of SCitE.Operation is to improve the deployment process by using methods from the field of model-driven engineering.

Smart City Ecosystem

Based on real use cases

All our development efforts are oriented by real-world use cases to achieve real benefits for smart cities by using SCitE. Our use cases come from several disjunct areas that can be found within a smart city to fully represent a smart city.

illustration for use-cases
illustration for use-cases

Easy integration of your datasources

Integrating existing and upcoming data silos within a smart city is realized by a plugin concept that allows the easy integration of new data sources. With this concept, the reduction of exhaustive development costs to integrate with SCitE is achieved.

Operate in your environment

With SCitE we respect one of the most important assets of your company - your data. Therefore we built SCitE with the goal that your data remains in your company and is only externally accessible via SCitE.Connectors that runs in your environment.

illustration for operating in your environment


ruhrvalley is an innovation network of companies and universities of applied science located in the Ruhr area in Germany. Together, we create safe and reliable solutions to shape the city of the future.

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